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January 2017 Archives

Can you be fired for smoking legal marijuana?

Marijuana is now legal in small amounts for recreational use. However, your company may have had a strict no-drug policy from the days before Proposition 64. If they fire you, is it a wrongful termination since you weren't breaking the law, or can the company let you go legally?

Exceptions to equal pay in the workplace

The Equal Pay Act of 1963 says, among other things, that men and women are to be paid the same amount when doing the same jobs. As women became more involved in the workforce, it was noted that men were often paid more, and this Act was passed in an effort to even things out and ensure that gender-based discrimination was not taking place.

Lewd conversations can impact you, even if you're not in them

One of the problems with lewd conversations and sexual jokes is that they can impact people in the workplace, even those who were not part of the conversations initially. They can create a hostile work atmosphere and cause division in the staff, potentially holding some workers back.

Former Snapchat employee sues, alleges misrepresentation

Snapchat is on the way to an IPO and becoming a publicly traded company. That's quite a rise for a photo-sharing app, but now a former employee is claiming that it's not been quite as smooth of a rise as the company would have people believe. He claims that Snapchat has been faking it's own growth in an effort to increase its value artificially before shares are available.

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