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Encountering Gender Bias in the Workplace

Workplace discrimination often includes gender bias, which can present itself in many different ways.

As more women have entered the workforce and taken prominent positions in a wide range of companies, people might think that the concept of gender bias is a thing of the past. Surprisingly, gender bias still runs strong in many work environments in California and throughout the United States. Women who have infiltrated traditionally male-dominated industries, such as construction and technology, may find themselves struggling with different biases and discrimination. In fact, TNS Research found that at least 68 percent of women believe that gender bias exists in the workplace. In some cases, this workplace discrimination may warrant legal action.

The Interview Process

One subtle type of gender bias comes simply from the questions that are asked during the interview process. Women may be asked what their family plans are for the future, such as whether or not they plan on having children. Employers may be looking at ways that a woman’s children may influence her ability to work or whether there is expected maternity leave in the future. Yet, these questions have no bearing on a woman’s ability to work and perform in the company any more than it would a man.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Do women in the company have the same opportunities to grow and advance to positions of higher prestige? Women should be able to advance to higher positions if they exhibit the qualities needed for that position, regardless of their sex. It is important that companies ensure women that they have growth potential in the company and that they won’t stay at the same entry-level job forever just because they are women.

Pay Rate

Men and women who hold the same position should be paid the same, according to the Equal Pay Act of 1963. Although this seems obvious, there are a number of companies that have higher pay rates for men when compared to women.

Men are Victims Too

Gender bias is not exclusive to women: Men can be victims of discrimination as well. Males who work in women-dominated fields, such as nursing or child care, may find themselves passed up for a promotion or not chosen for a task because of their sex.

Legal Assistance May Be Needed

Whether you are the victim of gender bias or another type of workplace discrimination, you may want to talk to an experienced attorney regarding your situation. An employment attorney in California will look into the details of your case and help you explore your legal options. You deserve fair and equal treatment at whatever job you choose to pursue.