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Why should I file a sexual harassment lawsuit?

If you've had the demoralizing experience at work of being sexually harassed by a co-worker or superior, the damage is already done. You may have already left the job and are working in a more respectful environment. Alternatively, you could still be dealing with this abuse. Whatever your situation, as a victim of sexual harassment, you could be weighing your options and asking the all-important question: Is it worth it to pursue a lawsuit?

If you have a viable sexual harassment claim -- which our law office can help you evaluate -- you might be able to pursue the following remedies if you pursue a lawsuit:

Signs that racism is a problem in your workplace

Racism in the workplace is a persistent and serious issue in the United States. In fact, a recent study says that hiring discrimination against African-Americans is as bad as it was in 1989. While you may want to believe your boss and managers have your best interests in mind, that may not be the case.

Race and national origin discrimination take many different forms, from subtle to overt. Here are a few red flags that may indicate racism is a problem at your job.

3 important laws that protect your legal rights at work

The United States offers numerous protections to employees under federal law. Nevertheless, most workers in America are not aware of what their employers can and cannot do to them. Therefore, when their legal rights are violated, many workers never even realize it and simply take the consequences on the chin.

Let's quickly review three important federal laws that ever U.S. worker needs to know about:

3 tips for hotel housekeepers to guard against sexual harassment

If you work in the hospitality industry in the Bay Area, you know it can be an uncomfortable and dangerous job. Due to the fact you often need to work in isolation and in close proximity to strangers, you are at risk of sexual harassment. Unfortunately, hotel housekeepers face an unacceptable amount of sexual assault and harassment from guests.

Harassment can occur at any time, but there are some safety tips you can follow to avoid and escape from scary situations. Here are some actions you should take to combat sexual harassment at your hotel. 

Wrongful termination often hits when we least expect it

Imagine you've been going to the same office and working in the same job for the last 20 years. You have been comfortable in your position all of these years as it has provided you with a steady and reliable income, plenty of vacation time and nice benefits. The problem is, even though you have impeccably performed your job duties, you were recently terminated from your job without warning, and you suspect it that you may have suffered from wrongful termination.

There are many ways that a wrongful termination can happen. Do any of these reasons for a wrongful termination sound like what happened to you?

Subtle signs of gender discrimination in the workplace

While many bosses and CEOs like to believe their workplaces are fair for everyone, the reality tells a much different story. California-based company Riot Games recently faced a lawsuit accusing the company of gender-based discrimination in pay and how male employees treated women as a whole. 

When most people think of gender discrimination, they think of wage gaps or unwanted advances. However, there are plenty of other signs a company has a gender discrimination problem. Here are other actions to take note of. 

Sexual harassment prevention: Does your workplace use this tool?

It's clear that sexual harassment continues to be a rampant problem throughout California workplaces. It's also clear that sexual harassment prevention training doesn't serve to eradicate this unconscionable behavior since most large organizations have developed educational programs yet the problem persists. However, there's one anti-sexual harassment tool could radically improve the situation: climate surveys.

Climate surveys are easy for organizations to start implementing in their offices immediately. These are nothing more than surveys help workplaces understand the "climate" of sexual harassment in the organization at any given time. The survey simply asks employees to state whether they have recently experienced or witnessed sexual harassment. In the event that the answer is yes, the employee can complete a simple form that includes a checklist of behaviors that they happened to have witnessed or been victimized by.

Inappropriate material should not be tolerated in the workplace

When you are an employee in the working environment, you have the legal right to a workplace that is not hostile. This means that you should be able to feel free to concentrate on your work without feeling threatened, embarrassed or uncomfortable.

One topic that is becoming a common issue is the presence of inappropriate sexual material in the workplace and the effect that it can have on workers. Many workers have had uncomfortable experiences in which they are sent pornographic material by another worker, or they witness another worker watching pornographic content in the workplace. Inappropriate material such as this has no place in the working environment, and in many cases, it can constitute sexual harassment.

What are reasonable work accommodations for mental illness?

Most people are familiar with anti-discrimination laws regarding those with disabilities, such as being in a wheelchair or being deaf. Because physical disabilities tend to be visible or more concrete, it can be easier for employers to determine how to accommodate employees. 

But what about mental health issues? Mental illness of all ranges also receives protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act. These needs may be less noticeable and harder to understand, but they still warrant accommodations in the workplace.

The link between wrongful dismissal and safety

All workers in the United States have the right to a safe working environment. This right is in place regardless of whether you work in a corporate office or on a construction site. As an employee, you also have the right to speak up if you believe certain conditions in the workplace pose a danger to yourself or others.

If you have had your employment terminated in the state of California after you raised concerns about safety, your termination might be interpreted as a form of retaliation. It is, therefore, important that you consider the circumstances around your employment termination carefully. It is also important to learn whether you acted within your rights.

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