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Employment Discrimination Claim Lawyers Serving San Francisco

Last updated on April 6, 2022

Professional women, whether employed in private industry or government service, with an established record of achievement and ability may encounter an invisible barrier or “glass ceiling” that prevents her from reaching the next level of success in her chosen field. If you find it difficult to identify the reasons why at this point in your career you haven’t yet made senior partner or vice president, you should consider the possibility that your rise is restricted by the glass ceiling.

Contact the California sex discrimination attorneys at Lawless, Lawless & McGrath for a free and confidential assessment of your situation.

Lawless, Lawless & McGrath — Glass Ceiling Attorneys

Middle managers, partners, physicians and department heads who are women may experience career stagnation as their male colleagues’ careers take off. Industries where the failure to promote women seems to be most widespread include:

  • Financial services, such as banks, insurance companies, brokerages and accounting firms
  • Health care, including hospitals, clinics, private medical practices and HMOs
  • Professional practices such as law firms, accounting firms and real estate agencies
  • Major corporations in industries from manufacturing to high technology
  • Colleges and universities
  • Government agencies, including police and fire departments

The sex discrimination lawyers at Lawless, Lawless & McGrath have experience handling the investigation, analysis and litigation of workplace sex discrimination claims of all kinds.

If you suspect that your career has stalled for reasons that have nothing to do with your own qualifications or the strength of other candidates, contact us for a free assessment of your situation.

The San Francisco glass ceiling attorneys at Lawless, Lawless & McGrath represent women who have been denied promotion on the basis of sex or gender in the professions, academia, industry or government employment. Our California sex discrimination attorneys serve clients around the state.