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Some Examples Of Verdicts And Settlements Achieved By Lawless, Lawless & McGrath

Examples Of Verdicts:

$1,030,000 Verdict. Disability discrimination. Alameda. A chain store manager who suffered from obesity and diabetes was fired because of his disability. The jury awarded $750,000 for emotional distress. Trial Attorney: Barbara Lawless

$450,000 Verdict. Breach of contract. Alameda. An assistant buyer was awarded $450,000 when she was fired in breach of an implied employment contract after years of dedicated service. Trial Attorney: Barbara Lawless

$950,000 Settlement. Age discrimination; Breach of Contract. After a $250,000 verdict in a breach of contract case was affirmed on appeal, the fired employee won her appeal on the age discrimination claim, which the lower court had improperly dismissed.

$950,000 Settlement. Sexual Harassment; Defamation; Gender Discrimination. A female city employee was falsely accused of a crime and forced to work in a hostile work environment because of her gender. Settled after a verdict.

$1,500,000 Settlement. Defamation; Wrongful termination. A female doctor was terminated from her part-time employment and falsely accused of wrongdoing.

$5,000,000 Verdict. Defamation. Santa Clara. A high-ranking employee of a high tech internet company was wrongly accused of submitting false timesheets for his assistant and was awarded over $5 million for defamation. Trial Attorneys: Therese Lawless and Barbara Lawless

$3,500,000 Verdict. Section 1983 and Age Discrimination claims. Eastern District of California, Sacramento. A long-term government employee was forced out of her job by her boss after a long-tenured successful career. This verdict included one of the highest awards for emotional distress damages in a single plaintiff employment discrimination case in the country. Trial Attorney: Therese Lawless

$1,500,000 Verdict. Breach of Contract. Sonoma. A package delivery driver turned manager was wrongfully terminated after having successfully moved up through the company. Trial Attorney: Therese Lawless

$750,000 Verdict. Sexual Harassment. San Mateo. A current employee of a hospital sued for sexual harassment on the job. She remained employed throughout trial. Trial Attorney: Therese Lawless

$500,000 Verdict. Sexual Assault. United States District Court, Northern District. An employee of a resort was sexually assaulted by her boss who first denied any contact and then claimed it was consensual. Trial Attorneys: Therese Lawless and Barbara Lawless

Examples of Settlements:

$8,000,000 Settlement. Age Discrimination; Breach of Contract. Long-term employee who moved into upper management was forced out of company for no apparent reason.

$1,150,000 Settlement. Defamation; Intentional Interference with Contractual Relations. An employee of a company was wrongly accused of taking confidential information to his new employer. New employer then terminated him. Forensic testing revealed he was innocent.

$1,000,000 Settlement. Whistleblower. Chief Financial Officer of Biotech Company complained about illegal financial activities at company and was terminated.

$950,000 Settlement. Disability/Family Leave. Retail company subjected employees to an abusive and hostile environment that caused employees to become ill and take medical leave. Company then retaliated against employees.

$550,000 Settlement. Sexual Harassment. Secretary in law firm subjected to sexual harassment by attorney.

$545,000 Settlement. Age. Two long-term employees of large Agribusiness Company who were allegedly terminated as part of a Reduction in Force sued for age discrimination when their job duties were assigned to younger, less experienced employees.

$500,000 Settlement. Mental Disability. Company harassed, discriminated against and failed to accommodate employee who was diagnosed with mental disabilities.

$450,000 Settlement. Sexual Orientation/Family Medical Leave. Gay employee was discriminated against based on sexual orientation and was retaliated against for exercising right to take family leave.