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Employment Discrimination

The lawyers at Lawless, Lawless & McGrath bring decades of experience and focused commitment to the investigation and litigation of employment discrimination claims. If you believe that you have been fired, laid off or downsized at work because of your age, race or sex, we can help. Contact us for a free preliminary evaluation of your case.

Dedicated San Francisco Employment Discrimination Attorneys

We represent plaintiffs in state or federal job discrimination cases involving unfair treatment on the basis of the following:

Employment discrimination claims often involve a reduction in force or downsizing — especially after a merger or acquisition — that targets workers over 40 years of age.

California employment discrimination attorney Barbara Lawless is a former President of the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association, and she has written and lectured on wrongful discharge and employment discrimination for nearly 25 years. She knows how to spot phony performance evaluations and other pretexts for discriminatory treatment. Just as the employers have become more sophisticated over the years in disguising workplace discrimination, our attorneys have kept pace in identifying the features of unfair treatment on the job.

It’s always great to see a case settle on favorable terms, but we never count on it. At Lawless, Lawless & McGrath, we’re trial lawyers first. We’ll prepare your employment discrimination claim as if for trial.

Contact the San Francisco employment discrimination attorneys at Lawless, Lawless & McGrath.

The San Francisco employment discrimination lawyers at Lawless, Lawless & McGrath represent employees in workplace discrimination cases involving age discrimination, race discrimination and unfair treatment on the basis of disability, sexual orientation, national origin, religion or other grounds. Our age discrimination attorneys serve clients throughout California, including San Francisco.