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Statistics on pregnancy discrimination

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2023 | Employment Law |

Whether you recently found out that you are pregnant and worry about the potential impact this could have on your career or you have suffered mistreatment at work due to your pregnancy, it is pivotal to familiarize yourself with your rights regarding pregnancy discrimination.

Employers who fail to respect the rights of staff members with respect to pregnancy and other factors must face consequences for violating the law.

Data shows the prevalence of pregnancy discrimination

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports that during fiscal year 2022, they received more than 2,200 pregnancy discrimination complaints (receipts). In past years, the EEOC received even more complaints, such as fiscal year 2017 (3,174) and fiscal year 2010 (4,029). It is also crucial to remember that this does not count pregnancy discrimination charges filed at the state level.

Pregnancy discrimination resolutions and other data

During fiscal year 2022, the EEOC reports that they resolved 2,104 pregnancy discrimination complaints. In addition, pregnancy discrimination charges resulted in monetary benefits of $12 million during this period, and this does not count benefits secured as a result of litigation.

Clearly, pregnancy discrimination affects far too many workers across the U.S. Regrettably, some stay quiet because they do not have a solid understanding of their legal rights or have concerns about what could happen if they speak out. If you experience mistreatment based on your pregnancy status, such as losing your job or becoming demoted, it is essential to examine your rights at once.