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Can you spot the signs of age discrimination?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2020 | Discrimination |

San Francisco is a hub of employment opportunities. The range of possible employers is vast, and with skills like yours, finding something and remaining there for years to come is probable.

You may start to get the feeling that your age is a factor in decisions regarding hiring. You believe your experience is a positive thing companies would want to tap into, but getting turned down is making you rethink this line of thought. Even when you find employment, you may still feel like your age is a factor in your treatment. Discover some of the warning signs of age discrimination around the workplace.

Hiring patterns

Take a look around at the pool of new hires. Is there an overwhelming majority who are much younger? Some companies want to get older employees out by surrounding them with younger, more tech-savvy youth. If you notice that your workplace is getting significantly younger, you may have a valid reason for believing the company is discriminating.

Passed over for advancement

If the office is getting younger, it means your competition for any promotion is as well. However, you believe that your experience and job performance easily beat anything a more youthful and newer employee can present. When you find that management has a pattern of only promoting those who are younger, it may make an age discrimination claim much easier to prove.

Inappropriate jokes or comments

Uncomfortable conversation is bound to occur around the office at some point. However, when it directly targets those who are older, it can rise to the level of age discrimination. You may believe some of your colleagues are sincere when they inquire about your retirement plans. There is a line that gets crossed in some instances when these comments become intrusive, excessive and out of place. It may signal an attempt to push you out without firing you.

The government sets forth guidelines dictating the proper way to handle those of a more advanced age in the workplace. Therefore, if you feel you are the victim of age discrimination, an attorney may prove a valuable ally.