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Everyone should know these basics of sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2019 | Sexual Harassment |

When you talk to other people about the sexual harassment you’re experiencing about work, many people will want to give you their opinions on what you should do. This is understandable because they want to help you overcome the situation, heal your career and also heal your psychological and emotional state. It’s all well and good to take advice and perspectives from friends, but don’t’ let these well-intentioned individuals distract you from the truth behind sexual harassment.

And if it’s the truth you’re after, there’s no better resource than the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Here’s what the EEOC says about sexual harassment that’s worthy to commit to memory:

— Harassing someone on the basis of his or her sex in against the law.

— Sexual harassment can be sexual contact, unwelcome advances of a sexual nature, requests to perform sexual favors and other kinds of unwanted physical, verbal or sexual behavior. A broad array of behaviors fall into this category.

— Sexual harassment isn’t always about sex. It’s still a violation of the law if someone makes disparaging remarks regarding another worker’s gender. Sexual harassment might also involve insults or poor treatment and bullying of another person at work on the basis of their gender.

— Offhand, isolated comments that are rude in nature probably will not constitute sexual harassment. It’s rare for a single incident to equal harassment. On the other hand, even minor comments can be harassing if they are common enough. If comments create a hostile work environment” for the victim, then it could qualify as sexual harassment.

— Sexual harassment can occur between two people of the same sex, and it can happen to men just as equally as it can happen to women.

— The harasser might be anyone at work, including the victim’s co-workers.

The more you learn about sexual harassment law before filing a claim, the better it will be for your case and trial. Our lawyers are standing by to discuss the details of your case with you while educating you on your legal rights and options.