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Subtle signs of gender discrimination in the workplace

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2018 | Firm News |

While many bosses and CEOs like to believe their workplaces are fair for everyone, the reality tells a much different story. California-based company Riot Games recently faced a lawsuit accusing the company of gender-based discrimination in pay and how male employees treated women as a whole.

When most people think of gender discrimination, they think of wage gaps or unwanted advances. However, there are plenty of other signs a company has a gender discrimination problem. Here are other actions to take note of.

Interview questions

One thing employers should ask themselves is whether they ask male and female interviewees the same questions. It is common for hiring managers to ask women if they have any children but not men. This is a subtle form of discrimination because it could influence the employer’s decision if he or she knows a female applicant also has to juggle the responsibilities of being a mother. The same questions should be asked of both men and women. Ultimately, hiring managers never have to inquire about an applicant’s personal life.


In companies with large male staffs, the men’s restrooms usually remain in pristine conditions while the women restrooms fall into a state of disarray. Management needs to take action to ensure both facilities receive the same treatment. It should not be the responsibility of the female employees to clean up the restroom.

Dress policies

It is normal for companies to have dress policies. However, there is no reason for businesses to maintain outdated views on how women should dress. Women can still look professional even when they wear suits and pants. Some companies still have policies stating women need to wear dresses with pantyhose. Many employers need to realize women can look professional without pantyhose similarly to how men can still look professional when they do not wear ties.