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Is bias at work affecting you?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2018 | Firm News |

Bias in the workplace is a fact. It happens across all sectors and industries, and it is often quite hard to fight against. If you think you are experiencing bias in your workplace, you should know a little more about the types of bias and how you can take action to protect your rights.

Once you understand the basics about workplace bias, you can decide how to proceed. Some employees choose to take legal action against their employers to combat the negative effects workplace bias has had on them. You have various options, and based on your particular situation, you can determine what is the best course of action.

Defining workplace bias

Workplace bias can take many different forms. While some may be more offensive or more penalizing to the employee than others, all workplace bias is inappropriate. Workplace bias negatively affects employee engagement at work and impacts organizational effectiveness. Some types of bias include gender bias, such as when a supervisor gives men assignments or promotions at work and intentionally passes over qualified women. This could also happen in terms of bias due to race or a physical disability. If you are just as qualified as another employee but your employer denies you a promotion or training because of a factor such as gender or race, this is workplace bias.

Defending your rights

Any type of unfair workplace treatment based on your gender, race or other factors such as physical impairments, national origin or religion, are forms of workplace discrimination. You should not miss out on opportunities for advancement in your workplace due to these traits. In addition, you should not feel hopeless in the face of this kind of behavior. You have options for defending your rights and speaking out against workplace bias. Although you may feel hesitant about taking action because you may fear employer retaliation, the law also protects you from this.