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Can you defend yourself against age discrimination?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Discrimination |

Age discrimination is a major concern in many workplaces. As the millennial generation continues to age and becomes the largest generation in the workplace, these concerns will only continue to grow with them.

How can workers protect themselves from this type of discrimination? Are there any ways to fight back?

Documenting all instances of discrimination

AARP discusses ways that employees can fight back against age discrimination they may face. It is important from the moment a person begins to build their case that they do things the right way to maximize their chances of succeeding.

The first major thing to do is document any and all cases of discrimination faced, even if they seem minor at the time. Write down all of the details, including where and when it happened and if any witnesses were present at the time.  Also, try to collect witness statements. Of course, if discrimination exists in any electronic communication like emails or text messages, be sure to save them.

Bring it to the company first

Next, take it to the company before taking it to court. By showing that the perpetrator had ample opportunity to fix their behaviors and were aware that the issue exists, it increases a victim’s chance of winning their case if they do eventually have to take it to court. To this end, bring the matter up with a supervisor and document how the exchange goes. An internal complaint can get filed if the matter is not resolved.

If internal complaints also do not net any results, it is then possible to escalate the case to a matter of litigation.