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How does harassment manifest in digital workplaces?

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2022 | Sexual Harassment |

As the workplace continues to morph and change in response to the digital age, many people hope that it means good things for progressive steps forward.

However, some of the issues that have plagued workplaces for decades still continue to this day. This unfortunately includes sexual harassment.

Tech-based harassment

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission discusses the continued prevalence of sexual harassment. Even in a workplace that has grown increasingly digital and mobile, sexual harassment continues to plague workers across the board.

Many of these instances of sexual harassment even involve technology. For example, it is common for harassers to send links to explicit websites or attempt to solicit sex through chat messages. In addition, it is all too easy for a harasser to expose his or her genitals through pictures or videos to an unsuspecting victim.

Victims of online harassment also say that they have faced attempts at coercion or threats from a person intent on getting them to perform a sexual act.

Gossip over the internet

Sexual harassment in the form of derogatory comments based on a person’s sex, also easily extends to online settings. A co-worker could make a sexist remark in an email exchange, and this also counts as sexual harassment in the same way as if they said it to the victim’s face.

Of course, even in digital format, sexual harassment is unlawful. Those who face it in the workplace should know what steps to take if they wish to pursue damages for the harm they faced.