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What damages are available for victims of retaliation?

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2022 | Wrongful Termination |

Workplace discrimination is alarmingly common in California and across the country. In fact, according to reporting from The Hill, as many as 60% of American workers either have experienced discrimination or have seen it happen to others.

Federal and state laws protect job applicants and workers from discrimination. They also prevent employers from retaliating against individuals who oppose discriminatory acts or exercise their legal rights.

What is retaliation?

Retaliation includes any adverse employment action your employer takes against you because of your discrimination complaint (or other types of legally protected complaints). While termination of your employment is the most obvious form of retaliation, there are other forms that are more subtle. If you experience any of the following, you may have grounds to file a retaliation claim:

  • A cut in pay
  • A change in hours
  • A modification of your job duties
  • Exclusion from meetings, work events or training sessions

What can you seek?

If you have a valid retaliation claim, your first thought may be that you want an order commanding your employer to stop the retaliating behavior. The law also allows you to pursue other monetary damages for the wrongs you have suffered.

In addition to recovering lost wages from your termination or demotion, you may be eligible for compensation for your physical and emotional distress. You even may be able to seek compensation for any harm your employer’s retaliation has taken on your professional reputation.

Because you do not want your employer to get away with treating you unfairly, it may be advisable to claim all available damages. Ultimately, by taking a comprehensive approach, you may have the financial means to move on with your professional life.