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What to do as a victim of age discrimination

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2022 | Discrimination |

Age discrimination has the potential to cost you professionally as well as financially. Yet, there are laws in place that prevent California employers from discriminating against you on account of your age. If you feel as if you missed out on a job, a promotion or another type of professional opportunity because of your age, you may decide to file an age discrimination case against your employer.

Per AARP, there are certain things you might do as a victim of age discrimination to help build your case. More specifically, you may want to do the following as you prepare.

Document all occurrences

Anytime you feel as if you are facing discrimination on the job due to your age, document it. Write down the details, and include when it happened, where it happened and whether there were any witnesses present. If there are signs of age discrimination in your emails or other electronic communications, be sure to save them.

Take it up with the company first

You may be more successful in filing a suit against your employer if you are able to show that you gave him or her opportunities to rectify the problem before filing your suit. Discuss the treatment you are receiving with a supervisor and document the exchange. If that gets you nowhere, consider filing a formal internal complaint.

If your efforts to work things out internally fail, you may have little choice other than to move forward with an age discrimination suit. An attorney versed in this area may be able to help you identify your options and determine a smart course of action moving forward.