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4 subtle forms of age discrimination

On Behalf of | Dec 25, 2019 | Discrimination |

If you are an older member of society, you may have a tremendous amount to offer any employer. After all, you have seen trends come and go. You also potentially have decades of experience in your sector. Still, age discrimination happens every day somewhere in California.

Put simply, age discrimination involves treating someone differently than other workers simply because of his or her age. If you are at least 40, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act protects you from workplace discrimination based on your age. While terminating an older worker is a clear sign of workplace discrimination, other forms are subtler. Here are four of them:

1. Compensation differences 

Talking about wages with your coworkers can be somewhat awkward. Nevertheless, salary discrepancies are often a sign of age discrimination. If your manager pays younger workers more, age discrimination may be the reason.

2. Cultural norms 

Every workplace has its own culture. If your manager uses certain buzzwords, such as “fresh,” “energetic,” or even “active,” you may work in a place where age discrimination is increasingly likely.

3. Training 

Technology changes all the time, and the same is often true for business operations. If your manager refuses to offer training to help you perform your job duties, he or she may be inadvertently or intentionally discriminating against you. This is particularly true if your boss gives some of your regular tasks to younger workers.

4. Socialization 

To succeed in the workplace, you likely must be a team player. While you regularly attend meetings and complete your job tasks, there is a social element to many companies. If your boss only socializes with your younger colleagues, you may be the victim of age discrimination.

Not only is age discrimination illegal in California, but it is also harmful to business operations. Because not all forms of age discrimination are clear-cut, you must watch for the signs of subtler ones. Then, you must assert your rights to ensure that you remain a contributing member of your organization.