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Is being a woman interfering with your career?

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2019 | Firm News |

The modern workplace can be a cutthroat environment. Even if you pursue an education, develop an in-demand skillset or create an innovative process, you may have to compete with others who have similar capabilities. You should not, however, miss career opportunities simply because you are a woman.

According to the Pew Research Center, more than 40% of working women in the United States have experienced some type of gender discrimination in the workplace. The Center also notes that gender discrimination may come in many forms. As such, you must constantly monitor your career to insulate it from long-term damage.

Missed training opportunities 

Clearly, if your manager does not offer you a promotion because of your gender, you likely have a workplace discrimination claim. You should know, though, workplace bias does not generally happen overnight. On the contrary, a denied promotion may take years to happen. If your employer does not effectively train you or otherwise fails to provide you with opportunities to enhance your skills, you may need to investigate whether your gender was the reason.

Bad references 

Succeeding in the corporate world often requires changing jobs. After landing your next position, you expect your employer to be honest and reasonable when confirming your employment or providing a reference. If your former boss gives glowing reviews to your male colleagues while deriding your performance, which is equal to or better than your male coworker’s, you may not get the job. You may also have an airtight case of workplace discrimination.

Squandered talent 

Even though women make substantial contributions to business operations around the globe every day, some men still think women should not hold certain jobs. If you work in an industry where experience counts, to advance your career, you need your employer to take full advantage of your talents.

Workplace discrimination, bias and harassment come in many different forms. Still, if your employer uses your gender to derail your career, you likely must act quickly to protect both your rights and your professional future.