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Former employee sues California charter school over dismissal

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2019 | Wrongful Termination |

Early labor history in the United States has quite a few black marks, with many employers failing to protect their employees from the risks of their workplaces. Another fault has been many bosses’ ability to dismiss employees at will and without good reason. Fortunately, California’s labor codes protect employees against wrongful termination.

A former administrator for a charter school is suing for wrongful termination as well as emotional distress caused on purpose. The woman was chief operating officer of the managing nonprofit organization when she complained about the chief executive officer’s possible unethical behavior, which may have included misappropriation of funds and conflicts of interest.

The plaintiff was placed on administrative leave a week after she concluded an investigation that showed a student’s grade was later changed. A week later, she was terminated based on unsatisfactory job performance. The lawsuit states she was never reprimanded for job-related issues before the termination.

The lawsuit seeks the plaintiff’s loss of earnings since her dismissal eight months ago as well as punitive damages for the poor actions of the school’s management. The suit also seeks the cost of the suit and associated legal actions. This is a common legal move to ensure victims of unethical actions do not ultimately pay to defend themselves if a jury rules in their favor.

Victims of workplace discrimination, wrongful termination or unsafe work conditions may have a case for financial damages, reinstatement or other ways to make a situation right. Legal representation can help plaintiffs organize their case and gather evidence against bad business practices or ethics.