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Silicon Valley’s harassment and gender discrimination problem

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2018 | Firm News |

Gender inequality is a major issue in the Bay Area technology industry. The #MeToo movement is impacting everything from startups to giants like Google and Facebook. It is becoming clear tech employees are no longer willing to tolerate harassment or discrimination.

Due to 20,000 Google workers staging a walk-out protest, the company is now ending forced arbitration for sexual harassment cases. Facebook is also ending the policy as it experiences the ripple effect of these protests. Additionally, Facebook is mandating every executive and director to disclose any romantic relationships with employees. Other companies ending their arbitration clauses for sexual harassment cases include Uber, Lyft and Microsoft.

It is vital for women in Silicon Valley to stand up for themselves at the workplace. Here are some core issues that impact women in the tech industry.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment at tech industries is far too common. It takes two core forms:

  • Hostile work environment: When a worker experiences unwelcome sexual conduct that is pervasive or severe enough to impact working conditions.
  • Quid pro quo: When a supervisor requests sexual conduct in return for an occupational benefit, such as a promotion or pay raise.

It is imperative to remember inappropriate conduct is illegal under state and federal laws.

Gender and sex discrimination

Some tech employers discriminate against women in a variety of employment practices, including hiring, interviewing, promoting, paying and firing. For example, female employees may receive unequal pay to male workers with the same positions. Another potential situation is a boss failing to consider a woman for promotion despite the fact she has more qualifications than a male worker who secures the position.

Despite the fact that Silicon Valley is a hub of innovation and advancement of our society, it underperforms when it comes to making the workplace comfortable and equal. If you are a victim of unfair treatment at a tech company, you should not put up with it.