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Why a sexual harassment case might be challenging

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2018 | Sexual Harassment |

If you believe that you have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, it is very important that you acknowledge and address it before it has the power to negatively impact your career. Unfortunately, many sexual harassment victims in the state of California face retaliation as a result of reporting a sexual harassment incident. It is, therefore, vital that you understand the ways in which the law is in place to help you and protect you.

Many sexual harassment victims find it challenging to make a successful claim because of the steps that they did not take after the incident. By reporting the incident to the appropriate people immediately after the incident, you will be better equipped for a successful legal case.

Unclear communication can lead to challenges

It’s important to make your communication clear if you encounter an unwanted interaction in the workplace. If, for example, you receive an inappropriate email that makes you feel uncomfortable, replying to it in a blunt and honest way will mean that you have definitive proof that this type of harassment was not encouraged or accepted as humor.

Delayed reporting can be problematic

When you encounter a situation that made you uncomfortable or created a hostile environment in the workplace, you should follow company procedure. Many people stumble into problems because they did not report the incident at the time. However, it can be often successfully argued that this was because they felt too upset.

If you want to get justice for harassment that you suffered in the workplace, it is a good idea to take immediate action.