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Understanding Gender Discrimination In The Tech Industry

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2018 | Firm News |

Many people are talking about the problem of sexual assault against women in Hollywood. However, gender discrimination is a major problem in the tech industry, as evidenced by recent research conducted by Pew Research Center. Some of the issues that greatly affect women in the tech industry include:

  • Unsolicited sexual advances
  • Unequal pay
  • Unequal promotion
  • A hostile work culture

These revelations have come at a time when there is a widespread public debate on the issues surrounding women in various employment positions in the United States. Giant technological companies have come under scrutiny in the recent past for cases associated with gender discrimination. Women’s rights activists have cited high-profile cases from leading technology firms such as Silicon Valley and Tesla as clear evidence that the tech industry has nurtured a hostile workplace culture that favors the male employees.

Unequal Pay For Similar Job Descriptions

There is also the problem of unequal pay based on gender, which is against the Civil Rights Act. Some of the women interviewed say that it took them some time to discover how they were paid differently from their male counterparts with equal responsibilities or holding the same rank in the company.

At some point, women are forced to work extra hours trying to achieve unrealistic goals to be promoted. Issues such as unequal pay and lack of promotion create a hostile working environment for women. It is through these disparities in pay and power that puts men in a power position to harass.

If you are experiencing gender discrimination or harassment at work, a highly experienced employment law attorney can explain your legal options.