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Taking appropriate action against sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2017 | Sexual Harassment |

Unfortunately is extremely common for people both in professional and personal contexts to be subject to unwelcome sexual advances. This could be in subtle forms, such as unwelcome compliments in the office, or in much more unsettling ways, such as a manager attempting to engage in sexual activity.

It’s very common for a person to feel ashamed or embarrassed by sexual harassment, and therefore, reluctant to come forward and take action. Similarly, many people feel as though they may be making a big fuss out of nothing. If they were affected by the act, then this is simply not the case.

The prevalence of sexual harassment

It has been reported that 60 percent of female employees working in Silicon Valley have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. It is an extremely common problem, but it goes unreported because people fear retaliation or that it will hurt their career prospects.

Creating a hostile environment

If you are affected by the communication that you received by a fellow colleague or manager, then you have every right to report it. The law states that if the communication created a hostile environment and it was of a sexual nature, then it constitutes sexual harassment and holds consequences for the person initiating the behavior.

Standing up for your rights

People have been silent about sexual harassment in the workplace for too long, and it has meant that people have suffered in silence, ashamed and afraid. But it is important for all victims of sexual harassment to remember their rights to take action, potentially preventing further behavior from taking place.

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