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Should you leave your job if you’re facing sexual harassment?

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2017 | Sexual Harassment |

You’re sexually harassed in the office. You find it infuriating and embarrassing, and your first instinct is just to get yourself as far from that situation as you can. Should you quit your job and look for another one with a better workplace environment?

While every situation is different and your employment decisions are up to you, some experts warn against quitting. They note that the Supreme Court has instructed employees to understand and follow the company’s sexual harassment policy. Not doing so could hurt your chances if you later pursue a lawsuit.

For instance, the company policy may instruct you to tell your superior about the harassment and give the company a chance to consider your claims, respond and take action on your behalf. They may wind up firing the person who harassed you.

Of course, there can be complicating factors. What if your superior is the one who harassed you? What if you’re afraid the company will try to cover it up or retaliate, perhaps by firing you?

One thing to note is that firing you in retaliation for your report is illegal, so that can strengthen your case if this happens. While you don’t want to stay in a dangerous situation, that’s just one way that following the policy instead of quitting can help you in the long run.

Although harassment in the workplace is illegal, it still happens. When it happens to you, try to stay calm, consider your options, and make sure that you know your legal rights.An experienced California employment attorney can provide guidance and work to help you protect your rights.

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