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Disperate Impact and discrimination

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was put in place to prevent discrimination in hiring processes in the United States. This blog will offer a brief overview of the work that the EEOC does to create equal opportunities for all workers, and what has been done to tackle discrimination that is embedded in the system.

What is unlawful under federal anti-racial discrimination laws?

No employee working or trying to work for an employer in California or the rest of the United States may be discriminated against on the basis of race. Nevertheless, workplace racial discrimination happens every day at California. As such, it's important for workers to learn their rights under federal law and to familiarize themselves with regard to what their employers cannot do in terms of racial discrimination.

Odds are, you'll face subtle discrimination

Obvious workplace discrimination often makes the headlines because it's so jarring. Events take place that you almost can't believe are real. It sounds astounding to think of a world in which people of certain races are told outright not to apply for jobs, for example, because that so obviously violates the law.

Unemployment with a degree shows potential racial discrimination

The raw statistics from a Bureau of Labor Employment Situation Survey show that racial discrimination is possible by exposing the unemployment rates. The rate of unemployment at the time of the survey was 8.8 percent for white workers and 15.0 percent for those of African American heritage. The rate for those with a Latino or Hispanic background was 12.7 percent.

LGBT employees protected under federal law, appeals court says

The notion that the U.S. Supreme Court recently became more conservative with the appointment of Neil Gorsuch, it appears that progressive rulings in the future are not totally inconceivable. This may be especially important to the LGBT community as it continues to fight for equality in the workplace.

Work culture, discrimination and fitting in

Work culture is not always something that is formally created. Parts of it may be -- putting up a dress code, for instance -- but other parts are not. The things workers talk about and the way they interact may be drastically different from one business to another, based on the culture.Some experts do warn that this can cause discrimination. As much as employers are looking for new employees who are qualified, they also want to hire people who fit in. They want workers who already adhere to the culture or who look likely to pick it up quickly. This is thought to create a more cohesive workforce, in many ways.This can be a problem, though, when it leads to discrimination. Employers may not even realize that they are doing it. They may just think that the people they are interviewing won't be a good fit, without realizing that they're stereotyping one type of worker.

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