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How is racial discrimination defined?

Being discriminated against for any reason is a horrible thing to go through, and it should never be tolerated. When it comes to racial discrimination or discrimination based on the color of a person's skin, there are legal guidelines that define this type of unlawful behavior in the working environment.

What is religious discrimination at work?

Everyone has the right to be treated fairly, and judged according to their talents or merits in the working environment as opposed to any other characteristic. In light of this, treating a person differently because he or she has a certain faith or engage in practices that are associated with a particular religion is unlawful.

Could pregnancy affect my career?

Equality at work is extremely important, and it is a right that we all have. It is forbidden for an employer to treat a woman any differently because she is pregnant, is anticipating pregnancy or has children. However, the sad fact is that statistics show that pregnancy and motherhood negatively affect a woman's career both in the short and long term.

Dealing with a comment that offends you at work

When working in any office environment, it is likely that you will come across a time that you are offended by a comment made; either about you or a general statement about a religion, race, sex or nationality. Going through an experience like this can make you feel deeply offended and troubled by the environment that you work in. At the same time, you might feel worried about making a complaint about such an event, fearing retaliation.

Common examples of employment discrimination

There are times when we might feel disappointment because we didn't get the job we wanted, if another colleague got chosen for a promotion instead of us or offended that our idea was not taken seriously in a meeting. Although instances like these are simply a fact of life, there can be times when we are treated unfairly and discriminated against. In short, there might be times at work where we are not judged by our merits but instead by an irrelevant factor such as our sex, race or disability.

Disperate Impact and discrimination

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was put in place to prevent discrimination in hiring processes in the United States. This blog will offer a brief overview of the work that the EEOC does to create equal opportunities for all workers, and what has been done to tackle discrimination that is embedded in the system.

What is unlawful under federal anti-racial discrimination laws?

No employee working or trying to work for an employer in California or the rest of the United States may be discriminated against on the basis of race. Nevertheless, workplace racial discrimination happens every day at California. As such, it's important for workers to learn their rights under federal law and to familiarize themselves with regard to what their employers cannot do in terms of racial discrimination.

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