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Posts tagged "Sexual Harassment"

The goal of sexual bullying: Intimidation

In many ways, sexual bullying is just another term for sexual harassment. They may appear the same to an outsider, and they share many of the same symptoms. That said, sexual bullying is most often not about any type of physical attraction or desire for a relationship -- even a one-sided relationship -- but about intimidation.

Google employees who report sexual harassment face retaliation

The two female Google employees responsible for staging the 20,000-worker walkout on the company back in November distributed a letter to co-workers this past Monday. Their April 22 letter outlines how both were demoted after organizing the walk that challenged Google's handling of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Detective suing LAPD for not stopping abuse, revenge porn

A veteran police detective is suing the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) as well as a fellow officer. The woman, who has been with the LAPD for three decades, says the officer, with whom she was in a romantic relationship, physically and sexually assaulted her. According to the lawsuit, the relationship began in 2013 but turned abusive in 2016. On one occasion in 2017, she says he raped her in a motel room. She also accuses him of punching her in a diner.

Google ends required arbitration for sexual harassment this month

Tech giant Google, which is headquartered in Mountain View, faced criticism and even a walkout last year for the way it was dealing with sexual harassment claims. Google employment agreements mandated that any sexual harassment and assault claims be settled in arbitration.

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