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Wrongful termination and age discrimination

It is very well-known that many employers discriminate based on the age of their employees or prospective employees. This is usually driven by the cost of labor and the perceived potential progression of employees; however, it is never acceptable, and it is possible to make a legal claim against an employer for age discrimination.

Standing up to discrimination as a new mother

When you become a mother for the first time, life changes immediately. It's common for new moms to gain a new perspective on the truly important things in life. They often become inspired to act as role models for their children and maintain their careers while balancing their family life. It's a lot of pressure, but good employers recognize their employees needs and help them to achieve an equitable balance of family and working life.

Can I take action against unequal pay?

It is becoming common knowledge that there is a wide pay gap between women and men, as well as between different races in the United States. Although there exists a law called the Equal Pay Act, which seeks to protect all workers in the United States from pay discrimination, the pay gap still seems to prevail.

How is racial discrimination defined?

Being discriminated against for any reason is a horrible thing to go through, and it should never be tolerated. When it comes to racial discrimination or discrimination based on the color of a person's skin, there are legal guidelines that define this type of unlawful behavior in the working environment.

What is religious discrimination at work?

Everyone has the right to be treated fairly, and judged according to their talents or merits in the working environment as opposed to any other characteristic. In light of this, treating a person differently because he or she has a certain faith or engage in practices that are associated with a particular religion is unlawful.

Could pregnancy affect my career?

Equality at work is extremely important, and it is a right that we all have. It is forbidden for an employer to treat a woman any differently because she is pregnant, is anticipating pregnancy or has children. However, the sad fact is that statistics show that pregnancy and motherhood negatively affect a woman's career both in the short and long term.

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