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What is defamation?

It goes without saying that today’s workplace, whether in California or elsewhere, often is less than pleasant. Discrimination comes in an almost infinite variety of types, forms and levels of severity. While women are the most common victims, men are by no means immune.

Do you make less money than your co-workers?

In California, employees doing similar work for the same company should be paid similar amounts. This is true in many cases even if, say, Employee A has a master's degree while Employee B has a bachelor's. The same idea applies to something such as one year of experience versus five years of experience upon hire.

Promotion factors that may work against women

Sometimes, gender discrimination is fairly subtle. For example, take a company that has 50 percent men and 50 percent women in similar entry-level jobs. Yet the company promotes four men for every one woman. This kind of thing might not be easy to notice, especially when it happens gradually. Moreover, some companies might say, "We promoted Richard and not Jane because of X and Y."

Recognizing workplace retaliation

When you show up to work each day, you have certain protected rights, and you may exercise these rights without having to fear that your employer or colleagues will treat you unjustly because you choose to do so. Protected rights take on many forms, but if your employer or coworkers treat you differently because you exercise any of them, they may be engaging in workplace retaliation.

Understanding California's New Parent Leave Act

A new law regarding parental leave took effect in California at the beginning of this year that may help you form a stronger bond with your child. If your employer meets certain criteria, he or she must now allow you to take at least 12 weeks of parental leave within one year of you birthing, fostering or adopting a child.

Is obesity a protected class in discrimination laws?

When you have struggled with obesity or morbid obesity for many years, you get accustomed to the rude comments and stares. They still hurt, but you don’t let them affect your life. However, you probably never expected to lose your job due to obesity. If you lost your job or experienced a demotion due to your weight, you might wonder if the employer committed an illegal action.

Emojis Becoming A Perplexing Factor in Harassment Cases

Emojis are the cute, funny and sometimes confusing little images that many people use in social media, text messaging, chats or emails. Emoji images can sometimes be difficult to decipher. If you show a new emoji to 10 different people, you might get 10 different interpretations of its meaning.

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