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December 2018 Archives

Don't let age discrimination in the workplace go unchallenged

No one wants to get older, but aging is a fact of life. The longer we're alive, the more wrinkles we have and the more our bodies decline. That being said, most people can continue to perform in their jobs at the same capacity, even as they get a few more wrinkles around their eyes. And this is why it's so distressing and unfortunate when someone loses his or her job as a direct result of aging. It's also a violation of federal age discrimination laws.

Does everyone receive Family Medical Leave Act benefits?

In an absolutely perfect world, every employee would receive the benefits and protections afforded under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Sadly, this is not the case. Many employees working at California workplaces will never have the right to take unpaid leave under the FMLA. That's because they don't work at employers with 50 or more employees located at workplaces within a 75-mile radius, or they don't work as a government employee or school employee. The FMLA only protects workers in these positions.

Why should I file a sexual harassment lawsuit?

If you've had the demoralizing experience at work of being sexually harassed by a co-worker or superior, the damage is already done. You may have already left the job and are working in a more respectful environment. Alternatively, you could still be dealing with this abuse. Whatever your situation, as a victim of sexual harassment, you could be weighing your options and asking the all-important question: Is it worth it to pursue a lawsuit?

3 important laws that protect your legal rights at work

The United States offers numerous protections to employees under federal law. Nevertheless, most workers in America are not aware of what their employers can and cannot do to them. Therefore, when their legal rights are violated, many workers never even realize it and simply take the consequences on the chin.

3 tips for hotel housekeepers to guard against sexual harassment

If you work in the hospitality industry in the Bay Area, you know it can be an uncomfortable and dangerous job. Due to the fact you often need to work in isolation and in close proximity to strangers, you are at risk of sexual harassment. Unfortunately, hotel housekeepers face an unacceptable amount of sexual assault and harassment from guests.

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