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July 2018 Archives

Reduced hours after making a harassment complaint may be unlawful

While any type of harassment in the workplace is unlawful, unfortunately it does continue to happen in workplaces in the state of California. Harassment is defined as any type of behavior that creates what is known as a "hostile environment" in the workplace. A hostile environment means that you as the harassment victim feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to attend work and to be in the workplace, and you may have difficulty concentrating on the work at hand because of the harassing behavior.

What situations make a California job termination illegal?

When you are terminated from your job, it can be a very upsetting experience, no matter the circumstances. However, when you are fired and you believe that the firing was an unlawful one, it can be even more stressful, and you probably feel confused and hurt. If you have any suspicion that your termination was not done under legal circumstances, it is important that you take the time to read about how employment law works in the state of California.

Defining adverse employment action

As a California employee, you probably already know that your employer cannot fire you for reporting workplace discrimination to your supervisors, your company’s management team or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. But did you know that your employer likewise cannot take any adverse employment action against you whatsoever?

Wrongful termination and age discrimination

It is very well-known that many employers discriminate based on the age of their employees or prospective employees. This is usually driven by the cost of labor and the perceived potential progression of employees; however, it is never acceptable, and it is possible to make a legal claim against an employer for age discrimination.

Your workplace rights as a new father

When you become a father, your life will change unrecognizably. It is likely that you will want to make your role as a father a priority after the birth of your child or at the start of the adoption transition, and you likely have every right to do this. Many fathers do not realize that they have the legal right to unpaid leave after the birth of their child, and worry that their careers might be at stake.

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