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The aftermath of sexual harassment

On Behalf of | May 3, 2018 | Sexual Harassment |

One of the most difficult times for a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace is the weeks and months after the incidents or the patterns of behavior took place. It has been reported that 75 percent of sexual harassment victims face some time of retaliation, either from making a complaint about the behavior, or turning down the coworker’s or manager’s sexual advances.

If you have been made to feel uncomfortable in the workplace by a manager or coworker, it is important to take the time to understand how you should go about reporting a case, and what to look out for and expect once the case has been reported.

Knowing if you experienced sexual harassment

Many workplace sexual harassment victims spend a lot of time wondering if the behavior they were subject to really was sexual harassment, and whether they were just making a big deal out of nothing. It cannot be said enough that if an employee was made to feel uncomfortable due to sexual behavior in the workplace to the point of he or she thinking about it a great deal and feeling like the workplace is now a hostile environment, it is very likely that the law will consider the behavior as sexual harassment.

What to do after experiencing sexual harassment

You may be worried that by making an internal or external complaint about the sexual harassment you were victim to, you could then be subject to further retaliation. It is important to know that once you have made a formal complaint, you are protected under the law from retaliation. Therefore, it is important that you take action on your experience of sexual harassment in California.

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