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3 warning signs of gender bias in the workplace

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2018 | Firm News |

As a woman in the workplace, you experience sexual harassment and discrimination a lot. Unfortunately, most companies are not proactive in recognizing and combating bias. You are often on your own when it comes to recognizing and dealing with discriminatory treatment.

Despite laws that protect you from bullying and mistreatment at your job, you may still suffer from it. However, gender bias is not always obvious. Here are some warning signs you are experiencing sex discrimination at work.

1. You need to keep proving yourself

According to studies, women must provide more proof of success and competence than their male counterparts. Managers and bosses tend to judge men because of their potential while they expect women to constantly prove themselves. If you feel like your boss is ignoring your achievements and noticing your mistakes more, you may be working in a toxic environment.

2. Men get recognition for making the same comments as you

Every woman goes through this at some point. It goes like this: You are in a conference meeting and make a good suggestion, only for it to go unacknowledged. Mere seconds or minutes later, a male co-worker reiterates your point and gets commended for it. If your male colleagues are getting recognition for your ideas, your workplace may have a gender bias problem.

3. You are constantly walking a tightrope

As a female in the workplace, you may have trouble simultaneously getting respect from your co-workers and remaining likable. If you are too kind, you will not get respect. But if you are overly masculine, you fear people will not like you. Because of this struggle, you may find yourself undermining your authority by being overly apologetic or being more authoritarian than necessary. If it is difficult for you to find a balance, you may be the victim of gender bias.

Gender discrimination and sexual harassment are illegal. Talk to a lawyer if you think your workplace is undermining you because of your gender.