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April 2018 Archives

Lawsuit alleges politician fired staffer out of retaliation

There have been some explosive allegations aimed at a California lawmaker by his former chief of staff. The former employee claims that he was wrongfully terminated after he spoke up about sexual misconduct by the lawmaker toward other employees.

Do you make less money than your co-workers?

In California, employees doing similar work for the same company should be paid similar amounts. This is true in many cases even if, say, Employee A has a master's degree while Employee B has a bachelor's. The same idea applies to something such as one year of experience versus five years of experience upon hire.

Your working rights when pregnant

As a woman who is pregnant, you may have been nervous or confused during the process of announcing your pregnancy to your employer. Many women become concerned that this announcement might lead to a change in the way that they are treated at work, concerned that they might be perceived as less committed or that they might miss out on future promotion opportunities.

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