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January 2018 Archives

Am I overreacting to sexual gestures in the office?

There are situations in life that can be uncomfortable and awkward. This could mean meeting an ex in the supermarket and feeling awkward when he or she asks you on another date, or it could mean telling a friend that you want to stop hanging out with him or her.

The Most Frequent Complaint With The EEOC? Retaliation

Retaliation now is the most frequently filed charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Retaliation often occurs when another employee, usually a supervisor, feels wronged and decides to punish an accuser or “get even” in response to a claim. Management may also attempt to discourage an employee from filing a claim.

How is racial discrimination defined?

Being discriminated against for any reason is a horrible thing to go through, and it should never be tolerated. When it comes to racial discrimination or discrimination based on the color of a person's skin, there are legal guidelines that define this type of unlawful behavior in the working environment.

Understanding Gender Discrimination In The Tech Industry

Many people are talking about the problem of sexual assault against women in Hollywood. However, gender discrimination is a major problem in the tech industry, as evidenced by recent research conducted by Pew Research Center. Some of the issues that greatly affect women in the tech industry include:

Pregnancy discrimination in San Francisco

San Francisco has a fast-paced start-up scene and boasts a growing economy due to innovation and high recruitment rates, with many people moving to San Francisco and the Bay Area for work. However, with this rapid recruitment comes mistakes made by employers, and this can be in the form of discrimination.

Sexual material in the workplace could be harassment

Many people are confused as to where the line is drawn when it comes to sexual harassment. The most common and recognized form of sexual harassment is when a person in a position of power within the workplace asks another employee of a lower position to perform a sexual favor in return for a work-related reward. This might be a promotion or a pay rise in return for sexual activity of some sort. This is always completely prohibited in the workplace.

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