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December 2017 Archives

The different types of workplace harassment

Being harassed or sexually harassed at work should never be tolerated, and the legal system has many protections in place for victims of harassment at work. If you are suffering at work because of another employee's behavior toward you, then you should take some time to understand how the law defines sexual harassment at work so that you can apply it to your specific situation.

What Qualifies As Age Discrimination?

Age discrimination is real. In fact, according to the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission, 20,857 claims alleging discrimination based on age were filed in 2016. While employers are not generally allowed to hire, promote, fire, or determine an employee’s compensation or benefits based on age, it can be hard to determine whether specific actions were the result of discrimination due to that factor or by the belief that another candidate has more appropriate skills or are better equipped to perform a job.

What is religious discrimination at work?

Everyone has the right to be treated fairly, and judged according to their talents or merits in the working environment as opposed to any other characteristic. In light of this, treating a person differently because he or she has a certain faith or engage in practices that are associated with a particular religion is unlawful.

Can I take family leave to care for a stepparent?

There are times in many people's working lives where they have crucial personal issues that must be prioritized above their work. This can be especially true when a family member is suffering from a serious illness, and you must take time off in order to care for them. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) means that employees have the right to take unpaid, job-protected leave for up to 12 weeks in order to care for a seriously ill parent, child or spouse.

Have I been sexually harassed at work?

Many people that are being sexually harassed at work feel that if they take action, they will be judged as making a big deal out of nothing. They might think that their boss needs to have attempted to have sex with them in order for it to constitute sexual harassment. However, it is important for all sexual harassment victims to know that this is not the case.

Could pregnancy affect my career?

Equality at work is extremely important, and it is a right that we all have. It is forbidden for an employer to treat a woman any differently because she is pregnant, is anticipating pregnancy or has children. However, the sad fact is that statistics show that pregnancy and motherhood negatively affect a woman's career both in the short and long term.

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