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Fox fires sports programming exec after sexual harassment report

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2017 | Sexual Harassment |

The head of sports programming for Fox Sports is out, having been fired from the offices in Los Angeles, California.

Allegations of sexual harassment had been made, and the company started an investigation. Just about a week into it, they simply decided to fire the man. While he’s not been convicted of anything, reports claim that they interviewed a number of women and then decided they had to let him go.

No one is able to talk publicly at this time, so sources would not reveal their names, but they did say the harassment may have impacted high-level employees, like show producers and on-air personalities.

According to the man’s legal team, he didn’t know about the investigation. He was simply called in at 8 a.m., and told he was being terminated.

This could shape up to be quite a legal battle. His camp is already saying the firing is “appalling,” claiming he was never told about any problems until the minute he was fired.

Fox is apparently standing behind the decision, though. Reports claim no money has changed hands and no settlements have been paid.

At least one production assistant claims that he did what he’s been accused of doing, however. She claims that he said he wanted to talk with her and offered to provide her with more work, and he then attempted to kiss her. She said that in all of her years in the industry, that had never happened before.

Like the other sources, though, she was not named.

It will be very interesting to see how this case plays out, as both sides dig in. It does a good job of showing what a workplace culture can be like and why employees who are facing harassment need to know their rights.

Source: L.A Times, “Another sexual harassment scandal for Fox as it fires its head of sports programming in L.A.,” Meg James, July 03, 2017