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July 2017 Archives

New research shows age discrimination in hiring practices

In today’s economy, more and more employees are finding it next to impossible to retire. The costs associated with health care, housing and other necessities of life mean that many men and women are forced to remain in the workforce long past the traditional retirement age of 65.

What is unlawful under federal anti-racial discrimination laws?

No employee working or trying to work for an employer in California or the rest of the United States may be discriminated against on the basis of race. Nevertheless, workplace racial discrimination happens every day at California. As such, it's important for workers to learn their rights under federal law and to familiarize themselves with regard to what their employers cannot do in terms of racial discrimination.

Odds are, you'll face subtle discrimination

Obvious workplace discrimination often makes the headlines because it's so jarring. Events take place that you almost can't believe are real. It sounds astounding to think of a world in which people of certain races are told outright not to apply for jobs, for example, because that so obviously violates the law.

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