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Was I wrongfully terminated from my job?

There are many protections in place for workers when it comes to being fired from their job. It is important for a stable and successful society for employees to have some degree of job security. Therefore, while it is still possible to get fired from your place of work, employers need to have a good reason for this. There has a trend in the last couple of years that has seen many workers take their former employers to court and win their case.

Dealing with a wrongful termination

Your boss calls you into his or her office and tells you that you're being fired, effective immediately. You're instantly furious, because you think it's not just unfair, but illegal. Maybe you recently filed a sexual harassment complaint, for instance, and you believe that's why you're being fired.

Implied contracts and illegal firings

Many workers are hired on an at-will basis, meaning they have no contract and can be fired -- or can quit -- without a reason. This can't be done illegally, of course, meaning that workers can't be fired based on ethnicity, gender, or other protected classes. However, it means employers don't necessarily have to have a reason for the firing.

Do you have free speech on the job?

You get fired, and you think it was because of something you said on the job. As such, you instantly think it's a wrongful termination. After all, doesn't the First Amendment to the Constitution give you the right to free speech, automatically protecting you from being fired for what you say?

Can you be fired for smoking legal marijuana?

Marijuana is now legal in small amounts for recreational use. However, your company may have had a strict no-drug policy from the days before Proposition 64. If they fire you, is it a wrongful termination since you weren't breaking the law, or can the company let you go legally?

Former Snapchat employee sues, alleges misrepresentation

Snapchat is on the way to an IPO and becoming a publicly traded company. That's quite a rise for a photo-sharing app, but now a former employee is claiming that it's not been quite as smooth of a rise as the company would have people believe. He claims that Snapchat has been faking it's own growth in an effort to increase its value artificially before shares are available.

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