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Victims are often blamed after sexual harassment or assault

You may have heard that people are sometimes nervous to speak up after a sexual assault or sexual harassment in the workplace. There are many potential reasons for this, such as fear of losing a job, but one big issue is that others may tend to blame the victim.

Should you leave your job if you're facing sexual harassment?

You're sexually harassed in the office. You find it infuriating and embarrassing, and your first instinct is just to get yourself as far from that situation as you can. Should you quit your job and look for another one with a better workplace environment?

Comparing sexual harassment in the U.S. to other countries

Sexual harassment is illegal in the United States under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and it results in lawsuits every year when these regulations are broken. Have you ever wondered how the efforts in the U.S. over the last half of a century help it stack up against other countries?

Could an office romance start a sexual harassment investigation?

Office romances may be considered taboo by some, but they're actually very common. One study found that 40 percent of workers said they'd had some sort of a romantic relationship in the office, and it found that about 33 percent of these relationships ended in marriage. So, if you're thinking of dating a co-worker, are there any legal issues you need to watch out for?

Federal California lawsuit spotlights multiple harassment claims

It wasn't like officials from two companies now involved as defendants in a sexual harassment lawsuit lacked requisite notice that an employee was feared by many female subordinates that he supervised -- and allegedly physically and verbally abused -- on a long-term and regular basis.

Study shows women's employment is more impacted by harassment

It is fair to note that both men and women can be the targets of sexual harassment in the workplace. It's naturally unfair to assume that only one gender would be targeted, and every employee -- regardless of gender, age, race or any other factor -- deserves the same protections. Laws against sexual harassment apply to everyone to the same degree.

Lewd conversations can impact you, even if you're not in them

One of the problems with lewd conversations and sexual jokes is that they can impact people in the workplace, even those who were not part of the conversations initially. They can create a hostile work atmosphere and cause division in the staff, potentially holding some workers back.

Forest Service facing sexual harassment allegations

The Forest Service, which is part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has been facing sexual harassment allegations for years. There have also been claims that whistleblowers have been retaliated against. Recently, the case ended up in front of members of Congress, who laid into the Forest Service for allowing such a culture to be created.

The many ways that sexual harassment enters the workplace

Sexual harassment is a serious issue in offices and workplaces across California, and it often goes unreported. It's important for people to know exactly what to look for so they'll know when they're being harassed and when something needs to be done. There are many ways in which sexual harassment can manifest itself, and the following are four common examples:

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